Customer Information
Wishing you could find a trustworthy transportation company who would:
  • Properly and punctually set up delivery appointments
  • Negotiate reasonable rates with truck lines
  • Give pickup and delivery driving directions to truck drivers
  • Stay informed about problems and give you suggestions for solutions to those problems
  • Track the progress of all your loads in transit
  • Make sure trucks deliver on time
  • Check for overs, shorts, and damages
  • Make sure claims get resolved quickly and correctly?
What about a company that will save you money?
All of that is what Glen Rose Transportation Management does. And we do it well. Many of our customers now give us 100% of their freight. These professionals choose Glen Rose as their one contact to arrange and take care of all the little things that make life crazy. They are free to focus more on the bottom line and less on the “you know what.”
Diversification is the Key
Are you worried about putting all of your eggs in one basket? You should be. If any one carrier starts pulling more than 20% of your loads, you can easily become too dependent on them. That will cost you. Glen Rose Transportation Management has over 4,000 quality carriers under contract. Working with us means networking with all of them!

Most of our carriers have 50 or more individual trucks –many over 200. These carriers know what it takes to deliver. They hire responsible drivers. They understand how important it is to drug test and communicate clearly and often. In short, GRTM only works with the BEST carriers in the business. All of this benefits you when you choose GRTM.

Still not sure? Worried that if you give GRTM all of your loads, you are not diversifying enough? Consider this – if you buy into one Mutual Fund, let’s say a fund that tracks the Wilshire 5000 index, are you diversified in the stock market? Of course, you are. You are relying on professionals who monitor the market to maximize your profits. GRTM protects and covers your transportation needs the same way.

We deliver services that no carrier can provide to help your company increase profits and improve on time delivery.

Need a freight quote? Give us a little information and we will get back to you FAST!