Carrier Information

GRTM is always interested in contracting with more quality carriers.

If you run your company in a business-like manner, requiring your drivers to co-operate, communicate, be tested for drugs, and respect customers, we want to talk to you today. In return, it is our pledge to give you and your drivers the respect they richly deserve. We fully realize the commitment it takes to run a quality trucking company. Unfortunately many people in the industry take advantage of good carriers. GRTM goes the extra mile to help you succeed. You can count on being paid the exact rate you negotiate with no surprises and always within our 30 day terms. You can count on our Transportation Managers to be courteous, informed, and aware of the huge job it is to deliver loads on time and in good condition. We will never expect you to do the impossible — only the incredible but still legal!

GRTM will go the extra mile for your company. We work hard to support your drivers and dispatchers by giving them clear instructions and being available 24/7 if you have a problem. Our customers are the best. That’s not an accident. If a customer does not pay exactly what he negotiates, we pay the difference and find a new customer. If a customer tries to file a bogus claim on our carriers or shows a history of questionable claims we take care of it and find a new customer. In short, over the years, by targeting only the best customers, GRTM has established an incredible base of honest and reputable clients.

If you are one of the best carriers out there and need good loads from any state in the U.S. or Canada please call to get setup today!: